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Metro Parking has the experience and expertise to offer each client a full and tailored solution, complete with innovative products and value-added services. Through Metro Parking’s holistic approach, property owners can maximise their assets and returns.

A specialist in this field, Metro Parking is the only company in the industry to offer both operational and system integration capabilities. Metro Parking offers landlords the entire package – identifying their needs through consultation, customising the design and equipping them with top-notch, fully integrated products and value-added services to help manage their assets with ease.

In addition to providing superior front-line staff, Metro Parking’s services are complemented by the latest technology and quality equipment. With such efficient and user-friendly systems, Metro Parking helps building owners secure long-term revenue streams and continued goodwill among their tenants.


We work closely with you to develop, manage and operate professional services that ensure all your visitors enjoy the best experience. By creating compelling customer experiences, you get to grow repeat businesses and level up your profit.


We offer a robust and user-friendly system that will effectively help you manage your car parks with ease. Our state-of-the-art tech including hi-tech electronic parking, cash-card and vehicle access control systems deliver a great experience each time.

Value-added Services

It’s not just about selling our services, but offering you a truly value-for-money proposition to help you achieve better results in the long run. One-on-one consultations identify your business needs and their most rewarding solution.


Creating the link between brands to customers by maximising the exposure and results through traditional media platforms and the ever-evolving world of interactive online advertising.

What we can do for you

⇒ Improve on existing processes to optimize income and lower operation costs

⇒ Operate round-the-clock, providing immediate assistance to give you a peace of mind

⇒ Customize solutions tailored to your specific needs and challenges

⇒ Keep you in the forefront of technology through viable solutions ensuring you are ready for the challenges faced in today’s commercial environment

⇒ Revolutionize your brand by designing exciting and engaging experiences across various platforms

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