The season passholder (hereinafter described as the “Licensee”) in purchasing the season parking agrees to become the Licensee of Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd (hereinafter described as the “Company”) under the following terms and conditions :

1. The Licensee, its servants, agents and invitees shall use the car parking areas of the building and occupy the car bays at their own risk and hereby release to the full extent permitted by the law the Company and its agents, servants and invitees from all claims and demands of every kind resulting from any accident or injury to person or property howsoever caused, occuring in or upon the car parking area of the building.

2. Upon approval by the Company of an application, the Company will issue an official receipt to the Licensee via mail to the stated billing address as per the application form. This is ONLY applicable to NEW Licensee. For RENEWAL of season parking, the INVOICE issued will ACT as an official receipt.

3. Season parking license is STRICTLY non-transferrable.

4. Licensee whom wish to enjoy tenant’s parking rate is required to submit FIRST & LAST page of the Tenancy Agreement issued by the Building Owner .

5. In event where there are no parking lots available for season parking license application, the Licensee will be placed on waiting list. The Company will ONLY call the Licensee in the event when there is an available parking lot to offer. The Company reserves the right to reject an application of such nature without giving any reasons.

6. The Licensee must notify the Company at least TWO working days in advance in writing for termination or temporary suspension of vehicle registration number, IU unit number or cashcard number. Termination or temporary suspension will only take effect on 15th or LAST DAY of the month. Temporary suspension are only allowed up to THREE calender months. The Company reserves the right to reject applications of such nature without giving any reasons. The Company also reserves the right to terminate the season parking should the Licensee fail to recommence parking on the date specified or fail to request in writing for any extension thereof prior to this date with the Company. The Licensee is NOT allowed to make such changes on Saturday and Sunday.

7. Parking fees are to be paid on or by the 26th of every month. This also applies to renewal of season parking.

8. Please note that a refunadable deposit is required and will only be refunded to the Licensee ONE month after receiving letter for termination in writing.

9. Please note a non-refundable administration fee of SGD 8.00 is required for each NEW application for season parking.

10. Payment via cheque is ONLY accepted for NEW APPLICATION. For RENEWAL of season fees, season parkers is able to make payment via AXS Machine, Internet Banking via OCBC or Standard Chartered Bank and GIRO.

11. Payments received on or after LAST DAY of the month by the Company will be deemed as LATE PAYMENT.

12. Strictly NO refund to Licensee for being charged as hourly parker due to LATE PAYMENT of season parking on or after 1st of every month.

13 An administration fee of SGD $1 is applicable for mailing of hardcopy invoice.

14. NO TOW TRUCK is allowed to enter the carpark unless approved by the Company. The Company reserves the right to reject an application of such nature without giving any reasons.

15. Company reserves the right to terminate the Licensee by giving ONE month’s notice in writing to the Licensee. The Company reserves the right to terminate without giving any reasons.

16. Should any vehicle registration number, IU number or cashcard number be different from the registered number with the Company, the vehicle will be treated as a non-season parker and parking fees will be charged according to the casual parking rates.

17. The Company reserves the right to increase the season parking fee by giving ONE month’s notice to the Licensee at any time.

18. The Company reserves the right to alter or amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice and any decision made by the Company is final. The Management Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd