The season passholder (hereinafter described as the “Licensee”) in purchasing the season parking agrees to become the Licensee of Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd (hereinafter described as the “Company”) under the following terms and conditions:


1. The Licensee, its servants, agents and invitees shall use the parking areas of the building and occupy the car bays at their own risk and hereby release to the full extent permitted by the law, the Company and its agents, servants and invitees from all claims and demands of every kind resulting from any accident or injury to person or property howsoever caused, occurring in or upon the parking area of the building.

Billings & Notices

2. For new applications – Upon approval by the Company on the application, the Company will issue an official receipt to the Licensee via e-mail to the stated mailing address as per the application form.

3. For renewal of existing season passholders, the Company will e-mail the invoice to the Licensee and it will act as an official receipt.

4. Upon request, an additional administration fee of S$10.00 is applicable for the purpose of mailing of hardcopy invoice.

Duties of Licensee

5. Season parking license is strictly non-transferrable. All parking lots will be taken on first come first serve basis, unless stated otherwise.

6. In the event where there are no season parking lots available, the Licensee will be placed on the waiting list. The Company will only notify the Licensee in the event when there is an available parking lot to offer. The Company reserves the right to reject an application of such nature without giving any reasons.

7. The Licensee must notify the Company at least two (2) working days in advance in writing for termination or temporary suspension of vehicle registration number, IU unit number or cash card number. Termination or temporary suspension will only take effect on 15th or last day of the month, whereas temporary suspension periods are only allowed up to thirty-one (31) calendar days. The Company reserves the right to reject applications of such nature without giving any reasons.

8. Should any vehicle registration number, IU number or cash card number be different from the registered number with the Company, the vehicle will be treated as a non-season passholder and parking fees will be charged according to the casual parking rates.

9. The Licensee is not allowed to make such changes on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.

Parking Fee and Refund

10. New season passholders may apply for season parking for the current month with the full rate of one (1) month. There is no prorated rate if the Licensee is parked lesser than one (1)month.

11. If the Licensee cancels its application before the commencement date, there will be an additional administration fee of S$20 per vehicle.

12. The Company reserves the right not to refund the season parking fee if the Licensee fails to recommence parking on the date specified or fails to provide a written request for any extension thereof prior to the commencement date to the Company.

13. Renewal season parking fees are to be paid by or on the 26th of every month, failing which the Licensee shall be treated as a non-season parker and shall then be charged according to the daily parking rate. There is strictly no refund for Licensees who are charged for the daily parking rate.

14. Payment mode:

i. New application: AXS only
ii. Renewal: AXS, internet banking, GIRO or credit card.

Additional requirement for specified private car park

15. The Company shall require the submission of relevant original documents with certified true copy of relevant supporting documents.

16. Availability of special reserved season parking lots with different rates are subject to the landlord’s approval.

17. Additional administration fee of S$10.00 is applicable for each new application.

18. Deposit will only be refunded to the Licensee one (1) month after receipt of termination notice.


19. No tow truck is allowed to enter the parking area unless approved by the Company. The Company reserves the right to reject an application of such nature without giving any reasons.

20. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Licensee by giving a one (1) month notice in writing to the Licensee without giving any reasons.

21. The Company reserves the right to increase the season passholder fee by giving one (1) month notice to the Licensee at any time.

22. The Company reserves the right to alter any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice to the Licensee and any decision made by the Company is final.

23. Nothing contained herein will be construed as creating any tenancy or lease between the Licensee and the Company.

24. Failure by the Company to exercise or enforce any right contained herein shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any such right or bar the exercise or enforcement thereof on any later occasion.

25. Except as provided for elsewhere in these terms and conditions, all matters (including disputes) in connection with this contract and the use of the parking area shall be kept strictly confidential.

The Management
Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd